Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wonder-Con & Venom News

We just got back from Wonder-Con and we will have a bunch of updates this week. The Horror Yearbook gang teamed up with SiliCon to hit the con and have some fun. We saw the bad boy Venom himself at the end of a special "Spider-Man 3" clip made especially for Wonder-Con in San Francisco. Venom was seen for about 2 seconds, he looked good from what we could see. The most exciting thing about seeing Venom was that it does indeed confirm that he is just not going to look like Spider-Man in the black costume. Venom has his mouth wide open, full of teeth and long dangling toungue. Special thanks to our new friends at In the Powder Room.com for the pic of Venom. It was unclear if he will be in the entire movie or not, but stay tuned this weekend for more updates from Horror Yearbook.com including news on The Watchmen movie, 300, Spider-Man 3 and and a full convention review from Entertainment Junkies.
SiliCon has just launched it's new website, they're still getting all the info up to date, but check out the swanky new design (to borrow a quote from Jenni M. ;)

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Blogger ppcpodcast said...

Yay! It looks very swanky. :)

Can't wait to hear more news about The Watchmen and Spider-man 3!

8:55 PM  

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