Saturday, January 27, 2007

SiliCon 2007 Independent Film Festival!

Hi, this is WIL Keiper Editor of I'm proud to announce that we are teaming up with Silicon to bring you SiliCon's 3rd Annual Independent Film Festival, Friday night, October 5, 2007. Last year's festival was a real blast and we plan on making 2007 even better! We at SiliCon believe that the San Francisco Bay Area is filled with talented people and that there is yet to be discovered a new Hitchcock or Spielberg within our community of fans. We would like to encourage all independent filmmakers everywhere of all ages to submit their work for screening. We are accepting films in the following genres; Comic/Super-Hero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Animation, Promotion of Space Exploration, and Diabetes Education. Don't miss this chance to screen your film to a large audience and have a panel of industry professionals judge your work. Not only is entry FREE, but Prizes will be awarded to the winners! Our website will be updated to include more info as it becomes available. Feel free to ask us any questions!

Horror Yearbook is coming onboard to help bring more horror content to this years convention. We are very proud to be part of Silicon and are looking forward to adding the best horror lineup of guests and films that we can. Even though we are only in the early planning stages, we're very excited to be able to bring Horror Yearbook's unique style to this years convention, and plan to offer a great mix of the horror genre for even the most eclectic of horror fans. Please feel free to stop by our Message Board to offer suggestions and ideas anout what kind of horror content you would like to see, and keep an eye here for our many future announcements to come.

Thank you and see in San Jose!


Blogger SiliCon Chair said...

Thanks WIL! We really look forward to working with you guys and seeing all the great films!

11:00 AM  

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