Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Master Podcasters!

I recently discovered podcasting and I'm already addicted. It is a great way to hear alternative viewpoints on a wide range of subjects. Lucky for us geeks, there is a wealth of fantastic podcasts that focus on Sci-Fi and comics. I wanted to give everyone a tip on a couple of really great podcasts that I found online. Jenni Moody's Phantom Power Comics Podcast and "I Read Comics" by Lene Taylor. Both of theses gals really dig into the comix and comics genre and find some fantastic hidden treasures.
Jenni was recently awarded the 2006 Women Comics Podcasters Grant for her excellent podcasts. Take a listen to her report on The Small Press Expo in Maryland. Her podcasts are sprinkled with great music and her insight to the underground comix scene is very positive. As if Jenni needed to be any cooler, she even digs Voltron! Jenni will be joining us to cover SiliCon 2007 for her site and we might even persuade her to do a panel on the ins and outs of podcasting. We're lucky to have Jenni come out and give us her take on this years SiliCon!
Lene writes for Lincoln Heights Literary Society along with keeping her own site up to date with new material. Her review of V for Vendetta brings up some fascinating observations about the classic Allan Moore Graphic Novel. Give it a listen. See everyone in October!


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