Monday, January 08, 2007

Fangoria and Myspace?

We just got back from the Fangoria Weekend of Horror here in San Jose. It was a real fun show. I hung out with a couple of the guests Ed Martinez and Nina Kempf. As we announced last week they both will be joining us at SiliCon too. Fangoria Magazine had a large booth set up promoting their new radio and TV projects. Ed and Nina were joined by other effects professionals there to do live make-up demonstrations on the fans. It was really cool to see everyone getting made up as zombies or victims. I was amazed by how quickly these pros could whip up these effects. We went to see the Primitive Screwheads production of Re-Animator which was a total blast. They had to pare down their production because, from what I hear, it can get quite messy. I still had fun watching the "clean" version. There were a ton of cool horror guests, but you had to pay extra to meet them and get autographs. I got to meet a lot of cool people and made some great contacts for next year. Don't be surprised if you see a big increase of horror and film guests at the next SiliCon :)
On a completely different note, proving that SiliCon is on the cutting edge of technology we have jumped into the elifesyle and set up a MySpace page! We'll be making updates and other announcements there as well as having a little fun. Feel free to add as to your friends list and stay up to date with all the new happenings. We'd love to hear about your con experiences and suggestions.


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