Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jim Mahfood of 40 oz Comics joins SiliCon 2007!

Jim Mahfood is best known for his work with Kevin Smith on the Clerks Comics, but it doesn't stop there. Jim has also collaborated with Brian Michael Bendis on the Ultimates and keeps busy with album covers, online comics, tour posters, and lots more. Jim's style is wildly explosive with his use of color. His take on the Marvel Universe was something turned many fans on their ears. Refusing to fit into the mold of what is "comic art" Jim uses his creative story
telling to draw you into his world and see things with a different set of eyes. Check out his website for a look into the incredibly creative mind of Jim Mahfood! Here is some info about Jim's latest project:

ASK FOR JANICE is the story of “Paul’s Boutique”, one
of the greatest albums ever created! 32 pages of brand
spankin’ new story and art! For music nerds and comic
geeks alike. Pick it up here at the online store

Also, if you haven’t been to www.40ozcomics.com in
awhile, the site was recently rebuilt from scratch
with all-new art and photos and stuff!

Totally cheap and easy! Pick-up Grrl Scouts and Stupid
Comics at www.pullboxonline.com No hassle, no wait!



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