Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jrock Connection Rocked!

We're back from a long weekend of music at the Jrock Connection. It was a total blast! I saw great bands, hung out with friends, and attended some cool events. Among the bands I saw, Mars is an American band unique with having two lead singers (one Japanese and one American) that sing in both English and Japanese. They put on a great show and really pumped up the audience. Art Beat was a rougher power trio that never seemed to be lacking in the energy department. They started their set at "11" and never came down from there! The headliners Karma Shenjing played twice (once Friday and Saturday) but had different sets. Always the visual performers Karma is a returning favorite for JRock Connection. The first night they even returned for an encore in spite of being short one guitar due to technical difficulties. Some on site wizardry brought the guitar back to life and they headlined the Saturday night show in full force. On top of putting on a great show they are honestly the nicest guys, truly happy to be performing and were really cool during the meet and greet, signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. Its nice to see bands that realize their popular because of the fans act accordingly. I attended the Iron Cosplay and the Fashion show, both events were cool, but I really enjoyed the Fashion Show. The designers all had some interesting takes on Kei Fashion and showed some cool collections like one inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Lain! I saw reps from JTAF, Fanime, and Sac-Anime all out promoting their cons. It was cool to catch up with everyone and find out their plans for the upcoming shows. This next year is going to be insane with the number of cool conventions to go to! Thanks again to Yami and her incredible staff for a fun weekend and well run show!


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