Saturday, October 28, 2006

SiliCon 2006 is a wrap!

Hello Everyone! SiliCon 2006 is offically wrapped. We had a great time and are proud to announce we have continued to break records from previous years. More Dealers! More Fan Tables! More people through the door! We had a great time and hope you did too. We've already begun work on 2007. We're changing things up again and continue to expand. The Dealers Room will be bigger next year with retail space extending into the Bayshore Foyer. We're increasing the size of the Art Show which will include some published art on display . The Film Festival will have all new material and a few suprises. We've already added some new events like a Fan Swap Meet, Costume Photo Area, a Costume Workshop with professional costumers to answer your questions and help you prepare for the Costume Contest, great Industry Guests, and a whole lot more. We hope you will join us again in October 2007 for another great time!


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