Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lots of News!

We just finished our weekend at Fur-Con. It was great hanging out with everyone and watching the Costume Parade. We gave out our new promo buttons and free SiliCon bookmarks to the fans. Our friends from the Bay Area Animation Society were there (the sponsors SiliCon's Animation Room). I had a great talk with Rob about pumping up our anime/cosplay programming. I think everyone will be happy with what we are cooking up :-) I mentioned in my earlier post about podcasting that Jenni from Phantom Power would be joining us in October to cover the con (read her announcement here) Well its our lucky day because LT from "I Read Comics" has now also decided to come out and visit SiliCon 2007! Always on the cutting edge of reporting the comic news, Lene has recently posted "uncovering" the secret to Silver Surfer's power! We couldn't ask for two better sites to report on the show this year! I have one last bit of news and that is "Plan 69" our resident live Rocky Horror cast has been invited to perform at Tales of Anime coming up in April 6-8. Being the hams they are they quickly agreed ;-) We'll see you at the show in April!


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