Monday, February 26, 2007

Wonder-Con and More!

Wonder-Con is this weekend and we're super excited to go to the show and promote SiliCon 2007, see all of our friends, and spend money we don't have ;-P SiliCon will be sharing some space with the Browncoats at their booth in the Dealers Hall. We'll be handing out free bookmarks, buttons, and selling memberships. We've kept our price to a low $35 pre-reg until June 1st. The California Browncoats will be hosting a real cool panel on "Gender and Genre" at Wonder-Con with Jane Espenson, Pia Guerra, and moderated by Amanda Sullivan of Equality Now! Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia will be hosting the half-time show for the Masquerade so we can look forward to a real crazy show. We expect to see the clan from Entertainment Junkies and Horror roaming the halls and causing some trouble. I also just heard from my friends at Tales of Anime that they plan on showing up so be sure to look for them, I'll bet they have some great new updates about their show this April 6-8!

Phantom Power Comics has a new podcast up. Ms. Moody talks about some cool new underground offerings like "Wonderland: Children of the Future Age" by Derek Watson & Kit Wallis and "Books with Pictures" by Sina Grace. They also give a shout out to fellow podcasters Kryptographik who specialize in focusing on the darker side of comics and related media. Jenni and Mike of PPCP really put out a quality podcast with cool music and straight up reviews about comics and books you might otherwise miss. Give them a listen :-)


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