Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from SiliCon 2007 and Dame Darcy!

Hello and Happy V-Day from SiliCon 2007! What better present could you receive than another brand new guest announced just for you? (and we think she's perfect for Valentine's!)

We are proud to announce that Dame Darcy will be attending SiliCon 2007! Darcy is a multi-talented renaissance woman; illustrator, actress, and musician...and she does it all with her own personal style and flair. As an illustrator, Darcy began her comic career while still attending art school with the self published "Meat Cake" which is now put out by Fantagraphics Books. She also began her endeavors in freelance illustration and cartoon work for various Bay Area magazines, newspapers, and underground 'zines. More recently Darcy has collaborated with Alan Moore on the series "COBWEB" and released an illustrated Jane Ayre through Putnam Penguin Books
In front of the camera The Dame began her career as an actress with parts in local independent films by directors such as George Kuchar. She has also worked with Directors Scott Hamrah, E. Steven Fried, and Rachel Amedeo. She began her involvement with music at the tender age of nine and has since been involved in various bands, solo projects, and cabaret. Darcy plays Banjo, singing saw, electric bass, and sings. Dame's music can be haunting one minute and infectiously fun the next. Her albums have been released worldwide. Do not miss your chance to meet this truly talented young woman with an old soul. Her eclectic wit and charm will inspire you to bow to the true Dame of the Underground!


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