Monday, February 05, 2007

Horror Yearbook's 1st Guest Contribution: Greg Lamberson is very proud to announce their first guest contribution for Silicon 2007. Horror author, director, and icon Greg Lamberson! Greg is known for directing the cult hit "Slime City" and "New York Vampire" (aka "Undying Love"). He is also the author of "Personal Demons" and the upcoming novel "Johnny Gruesome" the headbanger from hell. We would like to invite horror fans and non-horror fans for a special 20th anniversary screening of "Slime City" followed by a Q & A with the director, Greg Lamberson and actor Robert Craig Sabin. (I was a "Teenage Zombie", "Slime City"). Greg is a great guy and we're happy to have him as our guest for this year's SiliCon. Also please head on over to Entertainment and check out the excellent article written by "M" about the state of comic book movies and where they may be headed. With both Joss Whedon and Goyer being dumped from their respective projects (Wonder Woman & The Flash) in favor of more mainstream choices we can only speculate that the studios are trying to make those films appeal to a wider audience (read "civilians" and NOT comic fans).


Blogger SiliCon Chair said...

I've heard that Greg is supposed to be a really down to earth cool guy. I'm really looking forward to the screening and the Q&A!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Horror Yearbook said...

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11:33 AM  
Blogger Horror Yearbook said...

Greg just officially announced Johnny Gruesomes book deal. You can read about it over at (hee hee shameless I tell you) the best part is that it's just not a cool book but also a comic and a CD.


P.S. You would never know I run my own website if you saw how hard it was for me to post this comment.

11:36 AM  

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