Friday, March 09, 2007

More from Wonder-Con and Lots of "300" News!

We have a ton of new info for everyone! A full convention report for Wonder-Con is up at our friend's "In the Powder" A new website with a decidedly female take on the entertainment world. Don't worry guys, no one gets left out, there are some "reel men" on staff to bring you the best in reviews and articles with the male point of view in mind :-) Read the article here! There are also great interviews with Gerard Butler and Zack Snyder up at Entertainment!

We also have a full review of "300" The story centers around a fantasy-like version of the Ancient Battle of Thermopylae where 300 some odd Spartans accompanied by a collection of Hellenic cronies waged combat against a million some odd Persians to protect their homeland. However, being that this movie is adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel version, one should not anticipate historical accuracy and realism by any means. Director Zach Snyder’s (Dawn of the Dead, and upcoming Watchmen) main intent was a faithful edition of the comic rendering and as a fan I feel he was hands down successful in his effort. Read the full story here!
We also want to send our best wishes over to Robert Sr. of We're glad to hear you're doing better and it was nice seeing you and the whole family this last weekend!


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