Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lot's of Stuff!

Jim Mahfood has an interview up at Phantom Power Comics. A great interview with a real talented artist by the ever enthusiastic Jenni M. Jim will also have a huge gallery show/party at Meltdown Comics Friday night! See the flyer on his Myspace profile page for details! He'll also be set-up in Artist's Alley at Wizard World LA on Fri, Sat, and Sun. More info at:


We hit Sac-Con this weekend and met up with some friends from MySpace (Hello to Malice Fairy and The Swiffer Ninjas) The costume contest was cool, EB and Amari did a great job hosting for their first time by themselves. Congrats to Sai and Sey for their win with the awesome Sailor Stars costumes they just made! We missed the Teen Titans this time around, they must have been out saving the world ;-)

We also caught the "Slugs in Fishnets" down in Santa Cruz doing their own special flavor of the Rocky Horror Picture show, it was a blast and half! Silicon's cast, "Plan 69 from Outerspace" will be at Tales of Anime midnight April 7th, come and catch the show.

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