Monday, February 26, 2007

Wonder-Con and More!

Wonder-Con is this weekend and we're super excited to go to the show and promote SiliCon 2007, see all of our friends, and spend money we don't have ;-P SiliCon will be sharing some space with the Browncoats at their booth in the Dealers Hall. We'll be handing out free bookmarks, buttons, and selling memberships. We've kept our price to a low $35 pre-reg until June 1st. The California Browncoats will be hosting a real cool panel on "Gender and Genre" at Wonder-Con with Jane Espenson, Pia Guerra, and moderated by Amanda Sullivan of Equality Now! Mr. Lobo of Cinema Insomnia will be hosting the half-time show for the Masquerade so we can look forward to a real crazy show. We expect to see the clan from Entertainment Junkies and Horror roaming the halls and causing some trouble. I also just heard from my friends at Tales of Anime that they plan on showing up so be sure to look for them, I'll bet they have some great new updates about their show this April 6-8!

Phantom Power Comics has a new podcast up. Ms. Moody talks about some cool new underground offerings like "Wonderland: Children of the Future Age" by Derek Watson & Kit Wallis and "Books with Pictures" by Sina Grace. They also give a shout out to fellow podcasters Kryptographik who specialize in focusing on the darker side of comics and related media. Jenni and Mike of PPCP really put out a quality podcast with cool music and straight up reviews about comics and books you might otherwise miss. Give them a listen :-)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Author Simon Wood Joins SiliCon & New Events! is very proud to announce that popular fiction author Simon Wood has agreed to appear this year at Silicon 2007! Simon has written "Dragged Into Darkness", which features fifteen tales of horror, "Working Stiffs" and "Accidents Waiting to Happen". Not to mention he has had over 140 short stories and articles published to date. His short fiction has appeared in a number "Best of" anthologies and his non-fiction has appeared in Writer's Digest. The 38 year old, English born writer now resides in California with his wife, and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. We are very excited to add Simon to an already great roster of guests and feature him as one of our industry professionals at this years "Fandom's Next Idol." Are you the next Simon Wood?

Be Fandom's Next Idol!

We also have a new track of programming to announce we're calling it "Fandom's Next Idol". We are assembling panels of professionals in various groups like Authors, Film Makers, and Artists. You will get a chance to bring your own work up whether that be art, a script, or your next novel and have this tribunal of pros let you know what they think. They can even give you some pointers to improve your skills! Think about it, you'll be able to make that movie pitch you've always had in the back of your head or show off your design for the next big super-hero to real industry professionals! The idea is instead of flocking to a panel to idol worship the professional of your dreams, you will be able to have some real interactive time with our guests...who knows if it all works out YOU could end up being a guest next year! We realize at SiliCon that there is a wealth of fans out there who have some real talent. With a little encouragement and a chance to meet the right people, your aspirations of becoming a pro could come true. Please stay tuned to the website and blog for further updates. We will be adding to this track of programming throughout the year. If you have an specific suggestions or requests, don't hesitate to let us know.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day from SiliCon 2007 and Dame Darcy!

Hello and Happy V-Day from SiliCon 2007! What better present could you receive than another brand new guest announced just for you? (and we think she's perfect for Valentine's!)

We are proud to announce that Dame Darcy will be attending SiliCon 2007! Darcy is a multi-talented renaissance woman; illustrator, actress, and musician...and she does it all with her own personal style and flair. As an illustrator, Darcy began her comic career while still attending art school with the self published "Meat Cake" which is now put out by Fantagraphics Books. She also began her endeavors in freelance illustration and cartoon work for various Bay Area magazines, newspapers, and underground 'zines. More recently Darcy has collaborated with Alan Moore on the series "COBWEB" and released an illustrated Jane Ayre through Putnam Penguin Books
In front of the camera The Dame began her career as an actress with parts in local independent films by directors such as George Kuchar. She has also worked with Directors Scott Hamrah, E. Steven Fried, and Rachel Amedeo. She began her involvement with music at the tender age of nine and has since been involved in various bands, solo projects, and cabaret. Darcy plays Banjo, singing saw, electric bass, and sings. Dame's music can be haunting one minute and infectiously fun the next. Her albums have been released worldwide. Do not miss your chance to meet this truly talented young woman with an old soul. Her eclectic wit and charm will inspire you to bow to the true Dame of the Underground!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jim Mahfood News

Jim Mahfood will be holding a lecture and live art show in Ohio at 19 South Thursday Feb. 15th. Check out the flyer below:

Monday, February 05, 2007

Horror Yearbook's 1st Guest Contribution: Greg Lamberson is very proud to announce their first guest contribution for Silicon 2007. Horror author, director, and icon Greg Lamberson! Greg is known for directing the cult hit "Slime City" and "New York Vampire" (aka "Undying Love"). He is also the author of "Personal Demons" and the upcoming novel "Johnny Gruesome" the headbanger from hell. We would like to invite horror fans and non-horror fans for a special 20th anniversary screening of "Slime City" followed by a Q & A with the director, Greg Lamberson and actor Robert Craig Sabin. (I was a "Teenage Zombie", "Slime City"). Greg is a great guy and we're happy to have him as our guest for this year's SiliCon. Also please head on over to Entertainment and check out the excellent article written by "M" about the state of comic book movies and where they may be headed. With both Joss Whedon and Goyer being dumped from their respective projects (Wonder Woman & The Flash) in favor of more mainstream choices we can only speculate that the studios are trying to make those films appeal to a wider audience (read "civilians" and NOT comic fans).