Friday, September 07, 2007

SiliCon's Fashion Show and More!!!

SiliCon is hosting it's first ever Fashion Show! Join us Sunday for an anime fan's dream, a J-Rock themed Kei/Lolita Fashion Show. We have several great designers bringing us some fabulous and original outfits just to show to you, the fans! There will be music, lights, runway models, and of course great looking clothes. We wanted to really take this event in a direction not seen at Silicon before. J-Rock/Kei fashion is an underground sensation in Japan and other Pac Rim countries. Taking what they like from punk, anime, goth, and high fashion looks the clothes are an outrageous form of self expression. Join us Sunday for this great event, you won't want to miss it! A confirmed list of designers will be posted soon...we can't spill ALL of our surprises at once

We also want to welcome Joe Flynn and his co-host Priscilla from the "Joe Flynn Show" our local homage to all those great late night horror hosts. Joe and Priscilla put out a truly honest program looking at horror and related genre films and events. There love for all that is scary is obvious from the start and you can't help but feel like you've known them forever...Joe is like your crazy Uncle that your Mom and Dad think is a bad influence, but you like him anyways because he is just too COOL, and Priscilla is the perfect girl next door who is even more awesome because she digs horror films! Together these two will have you on the floor look for them around SiliCon and you might even see them helping out with some of our late night programming.

We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

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