Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cosplay and San Diego Comic Con

Sorry for the big delays between blogs...we've been working our butts off getting ready for all of the shows and working on SiliCon 2007 at the same time! My friend suggested I talk a little bit about what I'm cooking up for San Diego Comic Con. I was asked by a couple of good friends if I would join in their cosplay group for the convention...I love costuming, but haven't done too much lately, so I thought it would be fun. I had a little under a month to get things ready. I’ll try to post the progress I've been making and maybe give everyone some insight to where I could have saved some time or hassle so if you go through the same stuff, it won’t be so bad. Let me leave you with beginning to all of this, taken just under 1 month ago...

Do you like my stylish trash bag vest? It is all the rage in France...well in France where they are taking life molds of their heads ;-P That is my buddy Ed helping me get things right. It sure helps to have friends with skillz! This whole process took under two hours and the materials were pretty cheap. If you're going to be sculpting anything that needs to fit just right on your head or face I highly recommend it. More to come...see you soon I hope!

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