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We have a ton of guest updates coming, here is the first wave :-) There is also info on Super-Con this weekend and the horror film festival "Another Hole in the Head"!

Stephanie Lesniak

Stephanie Lesniak has managed and designed for some of the most successful animated television shows and comic books to date. As a talented designer, she single handedly pencils, inks, and colors all of Scrap Pictures art content-notably the new indie smash hit "Blazin' Brandy". She is also currently employed by world famous Cartoon Network as the Production Coordinator for their latest hit show "Squirrel Boy".

Melissa Hudson

Melissa Hudson is delighted to be embarking on her career in anime/manga for Demented Dragon where she is the artist for "The Phoenix Chronicles". She has found that it is quite the transition from working in the highly competitive Seattle gaming community where she was assistant Art Department Manager for Hidden City Games and has contributed art for the 2006 release; Clout Fantasy.

Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez is the creator of "El Muerto". Inspired by a diverse mix of influences ranging from the original Spider-Man comics to Speed Racer, from Mexican Lucha Libre to classic monster movies, "El Muerto" is infused with elements of Aztec mythology and the Dia de los Muertos folklore. "El Muerto" debuted at a comic book convention in 1998 in San Jose, so Javier's appearance at SiliCon 2007 will be a homecoming of sorts for him and his creation. He also served as the Associate Producer on the live-action film adaptation of his comic book, where he worked closely with the filmmakers in translating his creation from comic to film. Starring Wilmer Valderrama ("That 70s Show") as "El Muerto", the film represented a dream opportunity for Javier to bring his creation to a wider audience.

Mel House

New director Mel House has been causing quite a stir in the independent horror scene with his latest film "Closet Space", while producing other great horror films such as Marcus Koch’s "100 Tears". A small film director from the big state of Texas, Mel House is a down to earth guy who is a blast to talk to. Come out to meet him and the cast of "Closet Space", you’ll be glad you did.

This weekend is jammed packed with cool stuff to do. San Francisco's horror film festival "Another Hole in the Head" kicks off at the Roxie Theater and Super-Con is coming up June 2nd & 3rd at the San Jose Convention Center. We'll be running the costume contest for Super-Con, also anyone showing up in full costume gets in for 1/2 price! So be sure to come out in your best costume/cosplay for this great event!


Anonymous John Salltop said...

This is going to be good! That one chick is hot!

3:51 PM  
Blogger SiliCon Chair said...

lol :-D...Stephanie or Melissa?

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