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Last week we brought you an update about new guests for SiliCon. This
week we wanted to tell you about some of the film programming we will
have this year. Some of these movies are undiscovered independent gems,
festival favorites, cult classics, and even first time premieres!

"Neighborhood Watch"

Adrien Trumbell welcomes his new neighbors with an odd collection of gifts; tainted chocolates, aborted pig fetuses, and poison oak. When his neighbors catch on to his insane antics and start to turn down his gifts he is not a happy man. Welcome to "Neighborhood Watch" one of the best horror films of 2007. Neighborhood watch introduces one of the most demented psychopaths we have seen in a long time, Adrien Trumbell. with the amazing special effects by Steve Johnson's award winning Edge FX shop, he has put together some of the best stomach turning scenes I have ever seen. Directed by Graeme Whifler who in between other films has shot videos for bands like The Residents and Oingo Boingo.

"El Muerto"

The character El Muerto debuted right here in the Bay Area as a comic book by Javier Hernadez in 1998. It's been almost ten years sine El Muerto first rose from the grave. Our undead hero makes his feature film debut played by Wilmer Valderama of THAT 70'S SHOW fame. It premiered at the San Diego Latino Film Festival last March 2007 to a completely sold out audience.
The story begins with Diego preparing for Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday honoring the lives of the deceased and celebrating the continuation of life. Tragically his life is cut short. As his friends mourn him he is resurrected to bare the legacy of his Aztec ancestors as El Muerto; the living dead. El Muerto isn't a tale of vengeance; it's a story about love, and the strength we draw from those we love. The creator Javier Hernadez has set out on his own romantic tale of bringing a vision to the big screen in typical Hollywood fashion, yet
retaining the Aztec mythology and Mexican culture he holds so dear. Shot just like it jumped straight from the panel onto the frame, with impressive effects, great costuming and beautiful scenery, this film is a living four-color comic.


This almost zero-budget independent vampire film is a quick stake to the heart. The cast and crew poured a ton of effort into this film to make it the best possible offering they could, you won't believe this was shot for almost nothing! The real world treatment of the age old vampire myth is refreshing and adds to the gritty suspense of "Slayer". Director Ed Peduzzi also handled the digital effects, which are great and not over used. We aggressively sought to get this film for our convention and it was worth the effort!

"Slayer" is a film about a teenager who accidentally uncovers the secret that vampires really do exist and the only thing standing between them and everyone he knows is a bunch of unassuming heroes who scrape together whatever weapons they can afford to combat the vicious threat. This film pulls no punches, is a great story, and has already won several independent film awards. Do not miss your chance to see this film on the big screen!

"Stupid Teenagers Must Die"

STMD! is one of the most fun and enjoyable low-budget films I've seen in quite some time. Director Jeff Smith (who also served as co-writer, cinematographer and editor) definitely shows his love of under appreciated 80's horror films with this movie! Anyone who loves the cheesiness, preposterous situations, wacky and stereotypical characters of 80's horror movies will definitely love this very tongue-in-cheek homage to the past. Come join members of the cast crew as we screen this hilarious comedy/horror film

We have many more films we plan on showing. Here is a list of what we have confirmed so far:
"Neighborhood Watch"
"Stupid Teenagers Must Die"
"Slime City" Special 20th Anniversary showing with live commentary by director Greg Lamberson
"I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer" North American Premiere!
"El Muerto" Award Winning South Bay Premeire
"Dracula's Curse"
"Over Sexed Rug Suckers from Mars" Seldom seen Michael Paul Girard classic
"Crow: Purgatory" Local Independent Production from Torrid
Upcoming Trailers
Independent Short Film Festival
Machinima Festival
Independent Filmmakers Panel

On top of these great new films, we have some great classics lined up for our midnight movies.Starting off the fun on Friday at midnight we present "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". You have to be living in a cave if you've never heard about this sci-fi rock musical cult classic and you must be living in fear if you've never seen it live with a cast! Seeing this at home on DVD just doesn't cut it! On Saturday night join for the Midnight Movie Massacre and all night slumber party of horror films featuring "Stupid Teenagers Must Die" with cast and crew appearances followed up by the outrageous "Over Sexed Rug Suckers from Mars" There will be prizes, laughs, and some great between the movie entertainment!

All of this on top of our Independent Short Film Festival, Upcoming Movie Trailers, and a Machinima Festival!


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