Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Universal likes Bode's Cobalt 60

Since SiliCon 2006 wrapped, our Artist Guest of Honor Mark Bode has been really busy! As we've all been working on SiliCon 2007 (and recovering from all the fun of SiliCon 2006), Mr. Bode's been meeting with Universal Pictures apparently. According to the Hollywood Reporter article, Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to cult comic book "Cobalt 60!"

And don't forget to check out Bode's site that's chock full of great stuff while you're at it!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Yaoi-Con review and More!

I wanted to give a quick review of Yaoi-Con and let you know about some other great conventions coming up. A group of us made our way to San Francisco to visit our friends at Yaoi-Con. It was my first time there (yes, I was a "virgin") and I'll have to say I had a blast. Everyone was so incredibly nice to us, the Yaio community in general seems to be a very accepting group. I will admit I wasn't sure what to expect, but shortly after arriving and being admitted in we were off to the events. The staff and attendees at Yaoi-Con really know how to have fun and the Bishonen Bingo Game was a real crazy event to watch. Our friends from the Sac-Anime Con were there to give us the inside scoop on how it all works, but it all boils down to everyone just having a raucous good time. I could go on and on about their fantastic Costume Contest, AMV competition, and the Bishonen Auction, but all told we spent a very enjoyable weekend checking out a new niche in fandom and spreading the word about the next SiliCon. Let us know what you thought about the convention and if there are any events you saw that you'd like to have at SiliCon.
The next convention I want to talk about is the CARNIVAL OF STARS 2006 at Centennial Hall in Hayward on November 11th & 12th. Latifa and Alexandria run an unusual event that mixes belly dancing and comics! You heard me right! I attended this event last year to see some of my friends perform and had a real great time. Where else can you check out a multitude of belly dance troops, shop for exotic gifts, eat fantastic regional food, meet some great guests, and read comics all at the same time? This year they have a costume contest with cash prizes and belly dance workshops to teach you how to move like the pros. Learn more at the Clone Comics website. I'm sure you haven't been to a con like this before!
In the next few months there are a lot more shows scheduled and we plan on going to as many of them as possible. Among the upcoming events are the J-Rock Connection in November and Sac-Con in December. Stay tuned for more info about these conventions and more!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

SiliCon 2006 is a wrap!

Hello Everyone! SiliCon 2006 is offically wrapped. We had a great time and are proud to announce we have continued to break records from previous years. More Dealers! More Fan Tables! More people through the door! We had a great time and hope you did too. We've already begun work on 2007. We're changing things up again and continue to expand. The Dealers Room will be bigger next year with retail space extending into the Bayshore Foyer. We're increasing the size of the Art Show which will include some published art on display . The Film Festival will have all new material and a few suprises. We've already added some new events like a Fan Swap Meet, Costume Photo Area, a Costume Workshop with professional costumers to answer your questions and help you prepare for the Costume Contest, great Industry Guests, and a whole lot more. We hope you will join us again in October 2007 for another great time!