Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You guys are in for even more surprises this year! You thought our guest list rocked already? You haven't even seen the whole thing yet :-) We're working hard on the website, updating it on a daily basis. right now I have a trio of cool Horror/Film guests that are joining SiliCon this year. We feel very lucky to have them on board!


Bianca Barnett was born in Texas, the summer of 1981. Her parents founded Lunar Models, which specialized in sci/fi, dinosaurs and famous monster model kits. This afforded her the opportunity to meet icons of the genre and sparked her passion for the fantasy of film. Her personal obsession with horror films occurred after a fateful trip to Bob Burns’ home in Burbank, California to view decades of film memorabilia. She knew right then and there she had to be in pictures!

After moving to Hollywood, Bianca teamed up with Ramzi Abed for the critically acclaimed ‘Black Dahlia Movie’, playing dual roles- the naïve “Rose” and also the mutilated corpse left abandoned in a field. This would be the first time she met FX wiz, Jason Barnett, and the two quickly formed a bond over their shared love of Halloween, horror and movie magic.

She collaborated again with Mister Barnett for the upcoming gore fest- Albino Farm. Bianca plays the hideously mutated Pig-Bitch- a creature dead set on maiming anyone who crosses her territory with a rusty hay hook.
Bianca has a starring role in Ramzi Abed’s upcoming ‘Spiral State’ as well as several horror films in the near future.


Jason Barnett grew up watching monster movies, so it didn’t take the youngster long to discover the magic of special effects make-up. After graduating High school, Barnett ventured to Hollywood to pursue his love for creating monsters and fantasy creatures. He soon found work on such low budget films as Howling VI: Freaks and HBO’s Tales From the Crypt.

In 1998, Barnett was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the science fiction series Babylon 5 and later reached higher status with work at Rick Baker’s company on the Academy Award winning make-up for “The Grinch.” “Rick Baker’s company is the top make-up effects house and it was a great experience working along side so many talented artists,” says Barnett.

Jason Barnett’s company, Industrial Monsters & Props/IMP FX, recently wrapped FX work on ALBINO FARM. Barnett’s crew created a full family of freaks including the lead monster known as the Pig-Bitch.


Jed Rowen has had credited parts in nearly fifty films. Joe Castro's Terror Toons 1.5 is definitely one of Jed's more unique projects as he played both the father and the mother in the movie!!! Jed has also had roles in ACTS OF VIOLENCE with Ron Perlman; NAKED RUN with Charles Durning; THE BONEYARD COLLECTION with George Kennedy; THE GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X with Kevin McCarthy; and SAWBLADE with Reggie Bannister. Jed is thrilled to be a part of SiliCon 2007.

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