Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cool Events and Midnight Movie Update!

This weekend is the Alternative Press Expo (APE) and we'll have some info on that later this week. I also wanted to give everyone a heads up about another really cool event coming up next month, Hearse-Con 2007. Zachary, the President of Hearse Cub.com and this resident hearse fanatic from Colorado is throwing one hell of an event May 11th-13th, best of all it's free! That's right, it doesn't cost a dime to attend ! Check out the link below for more info.

We have also just got confirmation that we will be showing the new Australian film “I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer”. In the same vein as "Shaun of the Dead" the slasher/comedy “Runs” is the first feature effort for Media 42, the production entity founded by co-directors Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner, who also wrote the script and handled DP chores. The duo has hopes for a successful festival run next year before going theatrical. Here is your chance to see it first! “Runs” also looks to have a rockin’ soundtrack, featuring tunage from Australian metalheads Mortal Sin and Hell City Glamors.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Horror Yearbook.com has something special planned for Saturday night. Grab your pajamas and join us as we stay up all ngiht for SiliCon's Slumber Party; THE MIDNIGHT MOVIE MASSACRE! See guest Director Michael Paul Girard's outrageous cult hit "Rug Suckers From Mars" plus more great cult classics & NEW films to be announced. We'll bring the popcorn, prizes, and more!

Aliens from Mars finally return to the planet Earth after millions of years, only to find out that the human race has evolved into a big disappointment. Deciding to mate a bum and a vacuum cleaner as a social experiment the aliens accidentally release a blood thirsty monster on the human race in... "Oversexed Rug Suckers From Mars".

We also hung out with the SiliCon team at the Tales of Anime convention this last weekend. We had a blast playing video games in the lounge and checking out all the cool costumes. Horror Yearbook's very own Andrew Walsh joined the Silicon Rocky Horror cast "Plan 69 from Outer Space" up on stage. We saw EB and Papa-san Mike do their World of Warcraft preshow which was hysterical. The Traveling Valentines were on hand taking pictures and cpaturing the moment as usual. We partied after the show (we were only told to keep it down by Security once) It was a very eventful weekend!

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listen I'll tell ya that Frontalot is incredible...

Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot will be touring to promote his new album Secrets From The Future (which dropped April 6th), and he, along with MC Lars and Optimus Rhyme will in fact be coming to Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco on 22 April:

If you're unable to attend that show. and might possibly be in another city at another time between 6-26 April 2007, you still have a chance to see nerdcore rapping at it's best:

For the next month I'll be putting up flyers and getting the word out... it's gonna be a great show.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Hey Everyone! This is just a quick shout out for two cons happening this weekend (depending on where you live :) Tales of Anime is happening April 5-7 in San Mateo at the Marriot Hotel. SiliCon's very own Rocky Horror cast "Plan 69 from Outer Space" will be performing Saturday night at midnight. come hang out at the con and see the show!

This is also the last call for ANIZONA this weekend in Mesa, Arizona! Only like 200 badges left I think available so if you were joining us better hurry! Go see our friends the Demented Dragon Staff at this cool anime con!

Ja Mata!

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